November 11, 2013


Heritage Weekend  - 26th & 27th October 2013

GHS's Heritage weekend started off very well at 9am Saturday morn. with a group attending the Hawdon  Street Cemetery Heidelberg as part of Dennis Wards Cemetery Tour with David Weatherill giving those gathered the cemetery's history.

David Weatherill giving the history of the cemetery
It was great that Kathleen Oswin was in attendance as Kathleen is a descendant of the first person
buried in the cemetery prior to 1851 and an Oswin was also the last person to be buried there.

Kathleen Oswin on the right next to the Oswin graves.

Following on from there we visited the Children's cemetery adjacent to the Plenty River Greensborough where 7 children from the Partington and Whatmough Families are buried.
We find that James Partington is actually buried elsewhere however Job Whatmough should be shown as buried there so we have lost one but gained one.

Steve Whatmough and Faye Fort nee Partington were on hand to give a brief history of their respective families that lost children to diseases rarely heard of these days but in the 1840's and 50's without medical attention available death was never far away.
 Faye with family photos and Steve
Getting close to lunch time we then met back at the Society's History Resource Centre in Lower Plenty where our number grew somewhat and we enjoyed a BBQ lunch prepared by Chris Foster.
Attendees were able to view the photographic display and the Society's research area and discuss the many aspects of local history or just catch up with former acquaintances.
Our Sunday walk along the Lower Plenty led by Anne Paul wasn't well attended but was most informative and the weather was kind to us after which we returned to the History Resource Centre where afternoon tea awaited us. 
Overall a most successful weekend.



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