November 28, 2013

Museum Victoria - Award Night

Congratulations are due to Sue Ballantyne and her diligent team of cataloguers who meet each Thursday at our History Resource Centre who are responsible for Greensborough Historical Society receiving an award from Museum Victoria on Thursday 8th August 2013 for the most prolific contributor to the "Victorian Collection" by a volunteer group.

Rosie, Sue (Archivist), Norm
The event was at ACMI (Australian Centre for The Moving Image) Federation Square and it was a packed house with Heidi Victoria, Minister for the Arts in attendance amongst many.

Meredith Blake, Claire Gervasoni, Noel Withers, Belinda Ensor
Vic. Collection,      University of Ballarat,  Greensborough HS, Vic. Collection
Unfortunately Sue couldn't attend due to a prior commitment so President of the Society, Noel Withers accepted the award on the Society's behalf  with the following response:-

 " It is with great pleasure that I accept this award on behalf of the Greensborough Historical Society, though I am merely the person who shouts words of encouragement, our Archivist Sue Ballantyne couldn't be here tonight due to a prior commitment but it is Sue who with a dedicated band of workers each Thursday allocate numbers, photograph, scan and then key relevant details of our ever expanding collection into the Victorian Collection.

 We are probably the youngest group represented here tonight having formed just 3 years ago but which allowed us to use the Victorian Collection from its earliest days.

 It is important to us that we get local history out to the wider community and now along with our talks to schools, local community groups and our guided walks we now have another avenue to do this, the "Victorian collection".

 To all those associated with Museum Victoria especially Victorian Collection I say keep up the good work and I thank you."



November 20, 2013

August Meeting 2013

The Force Be With You 

Our August meeting was very well attended, due no doubt because the speakers included former Chief Commissioner of Police for Victoria Kel Glare, Ret. Supt Geoff Tulloch, Ret. Senior Sergeant Colleen Woolley, Ret. Detective Chief Inspector Ralph Stavely and Ret. Senior Sergeant John Macdonald.
Geoff Tulloch, Colleen Woolley, Kel Glare, Ralph Stavely & John Macdonald
The Mayor of Nillumbik Shire Council Peter Perkins also graced us with his presence and volunteered??? to be manacled by the law enforcement officers who each then claimed that they thought the other had the key.  Fortunately for the Mayor it was found.

Geoff Tulloch, Cr Peter Perkins and Kel Glare
The retired officers regaled the audience with numerous and humorous tales of their life in the force particularly in the Greensborough area which was most entertaining and after a splendid afternoon tea  GHS member Detective Senior Constable Chris Foster who had procured our guest speakers displayed the different uniforms that he has encountered over the numerous  years of his time in the force.  A most entertaining afternoon.


November 11, 2013


Heritage Weekend  - 26th & 27th October 2013

GHS's Heritage weekend started off very well at 9am Saturday morn. with a group attending the Hawdon  Street Cemetery Heidelberg as part of Dennis Wards Cemetery Tour with David Weatherill giving those gathered the cemetery's history.

David Weatherill giving the history of the cemetery
It was great that Kathleen Oswin was in attendance as Kathleen is a descendant of the first person
buried in the cemetery prior to 1851 and an Oswin was also the last person to be buried there.

Kathleen Oswin on the right next to the Oswin graves.

Following on from there we visited the Children's cemetery adjacent to the Plenty River Greensborough where 7 children from the Partington and Whatmough Families are buried.
We find that James Partington is actually buried elsewhere however Job Whatmough should be shown as buried there so we have lost one but gained one.

Steve Whatmough and Faye Fort nee Partington were on hand to give a brief history of their respective families that lost children to diseases rarely heard of these days but in the 1840's and 50's without medical attention available death was never far away.
 Faye with family photos and Steve
Getting close to lunch time we then met back at the Society's History Resource Centre in Lower Plenty where our number grew somewhat and we enjoyed a BBQ lunch prepared by Chris Foster.
Attendees were able to view the photographic display and the Society's research area and discuss the many aspects of local history or just catch up with former acquaintances.
Our Sunday walk along the Lower Plenty led by Anne Paul wasn't well attended but was most informative and the weather was kind to us after which we returned to the History Resource Centre where afternoon tea awaited us. 
Overall a most successful weekend.



August 12, 2013

"As I Recall" - Book Launch - July 20th

 Diamond Valley Learning Centre Greensborough

The Society was most fortunate to receive a Community Support Grant from Banyule City Council for the 2012/13 financial year to publish a number of oral histories and family stories regarding growing up over the years in the Greensborough District.

The stories include reference to Watsonia, Macleod, Briar Hill, Montmorency, Lower Plenty, Bundoora and Grace Park.

Twenty six stories were selected and published under the guidance of Blaise van Hecke of Busybird Publishing whose patience and professionalism was most gratifying.

Much effort was put into the project and all those involved should be congratulated as it was not an easy task and we have learnt a lot from the experience.

Our launch and celebration on Saturday 20th July was extremely well attended with numbers ranging from 50 to 70 (depending on who you talked to) when we had only received 36 RSVP's however there was still food left over!

This goes to show just how well our friends at the Diamond Valley Learning Centre looked after us and we are most grateful for their help with the launch.

Banyule City Council Mayor Cr Wayne Phillips and Cr Mark Di Pasquale joined us for the occasion and we thank them for their interest and attendance.  

We were also joined by former Councillors of the Shire of Diamond Valley Council, John O'Conner and Mick Chick who with Faye Wilks-Johnson were instrumental in preserving what was Lobb's Tea Rooms which is now the very successful Diamond Valley Learning Centre.

We wish to thank Kate Madden the centre's Executive Manager and her colleagues for their generosity in providing the venue and catering for the launch which was most successful and enjoyed by all who attended.

And Yes!

The book is now on sale for $20ea plus $2 postage within Australia and can be obtained by phoning Sue on (03) 9439 5454 or John on (03) 9435 0097 or emailing us on the Society's info line cheques payable to Greensborough Historical Society Inc. c/o John Gibson 4 Jenna Close Greensborough 3088

And now on sale at the "Greensborough News Agent" Greensborough Centre  


July Meeting at Greenhill's Neighbourhood Centre

Late last year Liz Pidgeon, Local and Family History Librarian for Yarra Plenty Regional Library was recipient of the Margery C. Ramsay Scholarship by the Library Board of Victoria for her project "Local and Family History services in the UK and USA"
2012 Margery C Ramsay Scholarship recipient Liz Pidgeon with Dennis Goldner of the Library Board of Victoria.

This allowed Liz to visit the UK and America on a study tour and the Society ask her to tell us all about it and what she had discovered in another part of the world that was of interest and different to how we do things here in Australia.

We discovered just how popular genealogy is throughout the world and how accessible it is either on line or from the many libraries here and overseas with their incredible collections some dating back centuries.

Two highlights of Liz's tour were handling the bible of Anne Boleyn and attending the "Who Do You Think You Are" 3 day conference in England with numerous speakers and exhibitions,

This conference comes from the ever popular TV show of the same name and is shown world wide to a very large audience usually tracing the family tree of popular figures in the entertainment industry.

The study tour had  to be taken during the UK and USA winter so Liz not only got to know how they deal with their local history but also their weather conditions and so it was nice to get back to Australia for the warmer climate however the tour was an incredible experience and one Liz will never forget and it was great to have her tell the Greensborough Historical Society all about it.



August 10, 2013

Our May Meeting at the Greenhill's Neighbourhood Centre

Once again we had a good turnout for our May meeting when we had the pleasure of Maureen Jones from Eltham & District Historical Society telling us about the history of Montmorency from it's earliest land holdings and subsequent subdivision including details of the various pioneering families.

We found out about early absentee ownership and the origin of several street and place names derived from family names of those that settled in the town, the need and development of early roads linking various townships and the coming of the railway.

This was followed by question time and much sharing of information about other families and the origin of street names from members and guests who had lived in Montmorency at one time or another.

As usual this was followed by refreshments and much conversation between attendees.

June 12, 2013

State Library Tour

Two groups from the Greensborough Historical Society were given a guided tour of the State Library of Victoria during the month of May which included the Genealogical section where we were shown where and how to source the vast collection of historical records.

This included electoral rolls, BD&M, parish records, immigration, historic photos and much more, as well as the library allowing access from it's computer stations into "Ancestry" and "Find my past"

After being shown how records can be obtained on line from home and the advantages of having a SLV library card,  we were then taken to other parts of the library and advised of the huge collection it has and how items stored elsewhere can be ordered.

A most informative and enjoyable tour and we thank Grant Hamston and Ann Copeland of the State Library for making us most welcome.

As a side line, on the Tuesday tour our member Rex Smith saw the SLV's current newsletter showing three workmen on top of the library's dome and said "that's my Father" much to the delight of Grant who immediately collared him for his details because the library has a display on its history and needed to know any information regarding building works and who performed them. So you see we all have a bit of history to share.

                                                                  The Friday group